TalkStory has been my web site for 27 years. I have had many, many versions of online.

I had as my sponsor for my TalkStory Offshore Racing Team, Factory 2-33a,b,c and Local Exhibition Spectre L333 Catamaran which I drove in the Sarasota and St. Petersburg World Championships. I gave away over 3,000 Hats and T-Shirts with the TalkStory Offshore Racing logo.

I also has a Lazzara 76′ Sky Lounge Motor Yacht to watch the APBA Offshore Racing , LLC. from.

I was an Investor in the APBA Offshore Racing, LLC. with Michael Allweiss, his father and Nigel Hook and Nemshoff.

I was the Chairman during the end of APBA Offshore Racing, LLC.

I have primarily used TalkStory to TELL MY Story, ie. TalkStory bra…

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